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Netflix app for Switch “locked and loaded,” waiting for approval

by Eric Frederiksen | September 20, 2017September 20, 2017 1:30 pm EST

Netflix has an app on everything. Xbox, PlayStation 4, Roku, smart TVs, probably a smart fridge somewhere. It’s an ever-growing list with one glaring exception. Where’s Nintendo? The Nintendo Switch has been on the market since March of this year, and the darling of the handheld world is still without the most popular streaming app. Well, the wait might be over.

GoNintendo reports that a Netflix customer-service representative told a user going by ‘kamehamehax’ that the Netflix app for Switch is “locked and loaded.”

The site obtained screenshots of the conversation – but is not publishing them for anonymity- lending some credibility to this. Netflix has apparently been trying to get permission to launch on Switch and is simply waiting for Nintendo to give the green light.

A lot of this sounds pretty reasonable, but you’ll want to take it with a big grain of salt. Nintendo hasn’t (and likely won’t) confirmed anything and, as Go Nintendo notes, customer service reps have gotten stuff like this wrong before.

Switch owners have been clamoring for a Netflix app since the console’s launch. Being able to haul your Switch up to bed, plug in some headphones, and watch an episode of Bojack Horseman before bed is a neat idea, and one many Wii U owners enjoyed even with the system’s limited range.

We’re hoping there’s some truth to these rumors. The lack of app feels like a missing piece on the system when it’s so easily available elsewhere. And really, Nintendo should be giving Switch owners as many reasons as they can think of to pick up and use the system.


Eric Frederiksen

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