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Is HTC on the verge of being bought?

by Justin Herrick | September 20, 2017September 20, 2017 7:00 am EST

Google’s rumored acquisition of a major hardware manufacturer could be announced as soon as Thursday.

Trading of HTC’s stock will be halted on Thursday, September 21; therefore, the belief is that a deal with Google to acquire the Taiwanese company is done. The two have been exploring a potential sale for several weeks, apparently being in the final stages of completing something earlier this month.

Today it looks like HTC is preparing itself for the sale to go through.

In addition to preventing its stock from being traded, HTC is holding an internal meeting with employees to discuss a “major announcement.” Part of the company’s headquarters in Taiwan has been blocked off to prepare for the town hall-style discussion. HTC will sit down with employees, share the news with them, and take any questions. There is no confirmation at this time that anyone from Google is over there to participate in the meeting. However, multiple sources say a deal with Google is on the agenda.

Google, according to VentureBeat‘s Evan Blass, will gain select hardware engineering assets while HTC keeps its brand. It’s possible that HTC will continue to exist but only focus on virtual reality moving forward. The entire mobile division would be transferred to Google, who gains access to production facilities and an experienced team.

The goal for Google isn’t to revive HTC and sell it to someone else in a couple of years. Google wants to take on Apple directly, and the company can only do that by developing its own hardware. That’s why HTC-branded mobile devices would probably cease to exist after the acquisition. Everything the company is capable of would be funneled into future Google-branded devices.

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