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Unlimited data from T-Mobile gets a little more unlimited

by Justin Herrick | September 19, 2017September 19, 2017 2:00 pm EST

T-Mobile is letting customers take full advantage of its network’s size and quality. Starting on September 20, you can start using way more data without any repercussions.

All of the major U.S. carriers have their own unlimited plans. None of them, however, are really unlimited for customers. A couple of restrictions exist. These carriers make you pay extra to upgrade the quality of video streaming, and they also have limits on the amount of data you can use before facing a penalty. It’s called a deprioritization threshold. If you go over a carrier’s limit, you can face lower data speeds as others enjoy high-speed data like usual.

The highest deprioritization threshold has always come from T-Mobile. Prior to today, the magenta-loving carrier had its threshold set at 32GB. Other carriers haven’t been nearly as generous. Verizon and AT&T’s threshold is 22GB while Sprint’s is 23GB. Now, after the latest upgrade, T-Mobile is setting the “fair usage threshold” at 50GB.

T-Mobile’s increase means you can do absolutely anything you want as long as you don’t burn through that massive figure. Customers on T-Mobile’s network can use 50GB of data before the carrier considers reducing data speeds, which is helpful with the addition of free Netflix for those on the One family plan. Whatever you decide to do, T-Mobile doesn’t care.

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