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Huawei’s 2017 flagship spotted in the wild

by Justin Herrick | September 19, 2017September 19, 2017 11:00 am EST

It’s a big year ahead for Huawei as the company is preparing the release of a high-end phone in the United States through AT&T. The Mate 10, known internally as Marcel, should be that device. It’ll likely launch in October and be released shortly after as a carrier exclusive. And, while we don’t have specifications for the phone, we do have visual evidence that it exists.

Evan Blass, the mobile industry insider at VentureBeat, shared an image of the Mate 10 that he received through a tip. Because of his track record, we’re inclined to believe the device shown is indeed one of Huawei’s next phones.

Here’s what Blass says the Mate 10 looks like:

The Mate 10, assuming this is actually it, will have ultra-thin bezels on the sides. Meanwhile, the top and bottom bezels have been greatly reduced compared to previous phones released by the Chinese company. Huawei appears to be embracing the industry trend in which bezels are made small to emphasize a display’s quality. Rumors suggest the Mate 10 will have a 1080p screen, though. If you need superior resolution, you’ll have to wait for the Mate 10 Pro with a 5.9-inch (2880×1440) display.

Huawei is also planning the Mate 10 Lite, which should have mid-range specifications. With a trio of phones, Huawei hopes to serve different customers. But all three probably won’t be released in every region. A previous report from Blass states that the U.S. is only going to get the Mate 10 and not the Mate 10 Pro or Mate 10 Lite. On top of that, it’ll be a carrier exclusive with AT&T picking the phone.

Right now it’s expected that we’ll see the Mate 10 family debut on October 16.

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