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Google just leaked key details about the Pixel 2

by Danny Zepeda | September 19, 2017September 19, 2017 12:00 pm EST

It seems Apple isn’t the only company accidentally leaking information about its products. In the latest APK teardown of the Google app, 9to5Google scoured through lines of code and discovered details about the upcoming Pixel 2.

First up is the “Squeeze for your Assistant” that alludes to being able to call up Google Assistant by squeezing the Pixel 2’s frame. We already know HTC is making the smaller Pixel 2, which imbued the HTC U11 with similar squeezable features, so the addition makes sense. It’s a novelty, but one that can be very useful.

Speaking of Google Assistant, you will now be able to change its voice from male to female. It will work similarly to what Apple has done with Siri on iOS.

9to5Google also found code that “possibly” hints at different hot words for Google Assistant aside from the awkward “Ok Google.” When first setting up the Pixel 2, Google may give users the choice to set up their own hot word to bring up Google Assistant, but what the limitations are at this point aren’t clear.

9to5Google also found a mention to a new feature called “Routines.” This will specifically be helpful for smart home automation. One single command like “good night” will do multiple functions at once, like turn off the lights and adjust the temperature.

There’s also Google Bar, sleep sounds, relaxation sounds and upgraded commands for podcasts through Google Home and Assistant.

None of these features are revolutionary, but they will be welcomed updates with the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. With Google holding an event on October 4, we don’t have much longer to see these new features in action.

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