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The Punisher goes from hunted to hunter in latest teaser

by Danny Zepeda | September 18, 2017September 18, 2017 11:30 am EST

Netflix is keeping details about the upcoming season for its Marvel series The Punisher under wraps, releasing only a fragmented teaser. A second teaser has been released, showing how he goes from being the hunted to being the hunter.

Released through the The Punisher series’ Twitter account with only one word to describe it—surprise—the trailer takes place in a remote forest. A few special trained soldiers are hunting for something, or better yet, someone. That someone turns out to be the Punisher, and he is no one’s prey.

He quickly turns the table on the soldiers, killing them off one by one. The soldiers wear special first-person cameras on their chest. After killing the last one, the Punisher looks straight into the camera and forbiddingly utters: I’m coming for you.

Who is he coming for? That’s what we’ll find out in the first season of The Punisher, and it can’t get here soon enough. Netflix still hasn’t revealed a specific premiere date for the series.

Danny Zepeda

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