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Galaxy S9 concept will make you think twice about buying the iPhone X

by Brandon Russell | September 17, 2017September 17, 2017 6:00 am PST

We’re months and months away from seeing the Galaxy S9, but that hasn’t stopped DBS Designing from conjuring up an incredible concept. If this is what Samsung has cooking, the iPhone X will be in big trouble.

The concept essentially marries Samsung Galaxy S and Note lineups in a singular ideal, perfection represented by glass, metal, and a very larger edge-to-edge display. And when I say edge-to-edge, I mean it. Save for a small notch at the top, there are no edges to speak of.

Where the concept takes the design in a questionable direction is with the sharp, flat edges, resulting in a device that looks suspiciously like the Essential Phone. Seeing as Samsung has its design down pat, I don’t see the company’s next device looking all that different from the Galaxy S8.

Where I hope Samsung does take inspiration from the concept is with the fingerprint sensor, which is imagined to be under the display. Whether Samsung can achieve this before the Galaxy Note 9 is anyone’s guess. What we do know is seeing a Galaxy S device with a dual-camera setup makes complete sense.

What do you guys think?


Brandon Russell

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