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Second Blade Runner 2049 short reveals details of Dave Bautista’s character

by Danny Zepeda | September 16, 2017September 16, 2017 2:00 pm EST

Ahead of the release of Blade Runner 2049, Dennis Villeneuve enlisted three directors to make three shorts that provide some context to the movie’s story. The first delve into the lurid past of Niander Wallace, who is portrayed by Jared Leto. The second and most recent follows Dave Bautista’s character, Sapper, a replicant.

The short is called 2048: Nowhere to Run and is directed by Luke Scott. Unlike the first short, this one shows much more than it tells, but a few key details are revealed in the short amount of dialogue.

We’re dropped in the middle of some sort of panic attack Sapper is experiencing in a rundown bathroom. As soon as he overcomes the issue, he cleans himself up and makes his way through the seedy streets of Los Angeles. Along the way he runs into a few menacing characters he tries his best to evade.

Eventually, Sapper runs into Ila, a little girl he’s been sharing literature with. This specific time, he hands her The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene.

“It’s about an outlaw priest who’s trying to understand the meaning of being human,” he describes the book to the girl in a statement that you get the sense strongly relates to his own journey.

He goes off to do some business, but as he comes back, the menacing characters he saw earlier have begun to harass Ila and her mother. This is where things get out of hand.

It’s a fantastic short you should check out before watching Blade Runner 2049.

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