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Starbucks to upgrade wireless charging stations to support latest iPhone models

by Danny Zepeda | September 15, 2017September 15, 2017 7:00 am EST

Starbucks is updating its in-store wireless charging stations to support to the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8.

The current in-store charging stations at Starbucks are part of a partnership with Powermat and its PMA charging standard. The problem is that Apple devices support the Qi standard charging for its new iPhone models.

According to SlashGear, to get around the issue, Powermat is using its complicated cloud-based backend system to push out a software update to support the Qi standard. This is only possible because of the design of the charging stations that allows Powermat to easily update its charging stations without completely swapping out the charger itself.

Powermat hasn’t confirmed when the update will start rolling out to stores, but said it hopes to complete the process by the time the new iPhone models ship.

Apple gets criticized a lot for being late to embrace technologies, and there is a lot of merit to the criticism. But it’s notable that it isn’t until Apple releases new Qi-enabled smartphones that companies like Starbucks start updating its store’s charging stations.

Now, all devices with the Qi standard will reap the benefits.

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