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Don’t worry, FaceID can be disabled quickly if needed

by Justin Herrick | September 15, 2017September 15, 2017 9:00 am EST

Facial recognition is tough to master, and even Apple hasn’t made it entirely clear how FaceID on the iPhone X works.

Everyone should still be confident that it’ll carry out its purpose even though the company couldn’t quite show everything during its launch event a few days ago. However, there remains to be a bit of concern over the safety of FaceID. Many are wondering what happens if a mugger or thief decides to grab your phone and point it at your face.

Fear not, friends. Apple created a solution that’ll keep your iPhone X unlocking only when you’re the one wanting to do so.

Keith Krimbel reached out to Apple’s Craig Federighi with a couple of questions. One of them was, of course, about a situation in which someone else is trying to unlock your phone with your face. Federighi explained that, aside from having to stare at the phone for any success, you can grip the buttons on both sides to temporarily disable FaceID.

The man leading the development of iOS and macOS was also asked about using FaceID while wearing sunglasses. It turns out that, yes, you should be able to have your iPhone X recognize you even with shaded lenses on. Federighi says “most, but not all” sunglasses play nice with FaceID. The reason behind that is the IR light should be capable of getting through the sunglasses to reach the eyes.

Now you should feel safe walking down the street with sunglasses on. You know your iPhone X will unlock with that fancy pair of shades on and can be disabled if someone tries getting their greedy little fingers on it.

Justin Herrick

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