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Here’s your first look at the new Hellboy in the flesh

by Eric Frederiksen | September 14, 2017September 14, 2017 3:30 pm EST

Back when Guillermo del Toro was making the Hellboy movies, comic book movies hadn’t quite hit their stride. Now that they’re in full swing, it kind of makes sense that we’d see a remake. Now that the cast is more or less set, we have our first look at the new Hellboy, David Harbour of Stranger Things.

Okay, that looks pretty good

That tweet comes via Mike Mignola, the artist who created the character, and he seems pretty smitten with the new look. While our boy Ron Perlman is a pretty tough act to follow, Harbour is unrecognizable; the makeup team has done a great job, and I can’t imagine how miserable getting in and out of that makeup each day is going to be. T

his shot is some of the best news about the movie we’ve had so far. Previous Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro’s commitment to practical effects gave the original pair of movies a unique look and helped earn the director the cult following he has today. Fans, then, are understandably nervous about what the end product will look like. There’s not a lot of precedent for reboots of comic book movies that didn’t already suck (what’s up Fantastic Four). This latest flick is telling its own story, with Hellboy traveling to England to fight an Arthurian sorceress called the Blood Queen.

Aside from Harbour, the cast includes Ian McShane, Milla Jovovich, and Daniel Dae Kim. Neil Marshall, the director of The Descent, is directing. The movie doesn’t have a hard release date yet, but it’s currently slated for sometime in 2018. That could be a little optimistic at this point, though, and we might see the movie slip into 2019.

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