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Google sends out invites for Pixel 2 event

by Justin Herrick | September 14, 2017September 14, 2017 8:20 am PDT

It’s official. Well, the time and place for the phone’s announcement is. We now know exactly when and where the Pixel 2 will be unveiled for the world to see.

Google just sent TechnoBuffalo an invite for an event happening on October 4 in San Francisco.

The Pixel 2 probably won’t be alone. Google is expected to announce a smaller Google Home as well. And, because it’s such a big day, the company might bring along some surprises. No matter what else comes, the focus for the day will be on the Pixel 2. Google needs to respond Apple and the iPhone X, so expectations are high for this new phone.

On its homepage, Google is hyping the Pixel 2 as the solution to all your problems with other phones. You should “Ask more of your phone,” according to the company. A teaser video posted this morning hints that the Pixel 2 will be focus on battery life, storage, photography, and assistance. Pretty much the same as 2016’s Pixel but upgraded.

The launch, while happening in San Francisco, will be streamed live for everyone to watch. It starts at 12:00pm ET/9:00am PT on Wednesday, October 4.

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