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Face ID on the iPhone X fails to get demoed

by Justin Herrick | September 12, 2017September 12, 2017 12:48 pm EST

One of the biggest features debuting in the new iPhone X is Face ID. It’s a new form of authentication that’s completely replacing Touch ID. Instead of relying on your fingerprint to verify your identity, Apple’s new iPhone will analyze your face. It’s a bold addition, especially considering Touch ID isn’t around as backup.

Apple’s facial recognition uses the front camera in addition to a dot projector, infrared camera, and flood illumination. A lot is present to ensure the feature works. Unfortunately, Apple couldn’t get Face ID to work on the iPhone X today.

Here’s Craig Federighi having Face ID fail in front of thousands in the Steve Jobs Theater and millions watching online from around the world:

The first attempt to unlock the phone through Face ID was foiled by the wrong setup. Whoever put the first iPhone X out for Federighi accidentally had a passcode, not the Apple executive’s face, set as the unlock method. When he moved to the backup unit, Federighi just skipped over showing how the feature works. He moved on to other areas of the iPhone X.

A fail on the biggest day for Apple in years

Hopefully the hardware and software is tweaked by the time the iPhone X ships in November. If Face ID isn’t nearly flawless by then, Apple is going to have a bunch of critics saying it should’ve never removed the fingerprint scanner for Touch ID. Oh, and Apple’s customers will also be very angry.

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