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LeEco casually goes offline in the U.S. for a week

by Justin Herrick | September 8, 2017September 8, 2017 9:30 am EST

When any online service needs to be improved or fixed, it typically goes offline. Maintenance is just better done when users can’t access anything. Companies will take everything down in the wee hours of the morning, issue upgrades, and go back online better than before. If you’re an online store, you risk losing out on potential sales. So you absolutely need to keep your downtime as brief as possible.

LeEco, the company that ambitiously entered the United States last year and ended up failing big-time, doesn’t seem to care about not being available for an extended period.

The U.S. online store selling the company’s phones, televisions, and accessories will be down for the next week or so.  You can visit the LeEco’s site right now to see an apology for the “inconvenience” of “upgrading the system for better services.” Fortunately its own store isn’t the only place to get its products. In the meantime, you can shop online on Amazon or in retail stores like Target.

Remember LeEco is the same company that reversed its decision to acquire Vizio for $2 billion (and now faces a lawsuit for terminating the deal), let go of 325 employees after buying expensive property in Silicon Valley, and struggles to keep up with loans. LeEco is far from being comfortable financially. That’s why it’s even more insane to go offline for not just a few hours or a day but an entire week.

LeEco expects to have the site running at full-speed again by Friday, September 15.


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