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Apple’s HomePod is roaming the world

by Justin Herrick | September 8, 2017September 8, 2017 8:00 am EST

A release date is set for December, but Apple’s HomePod is already making appearances around the globe. Units have been spotted in California and China on separate occasions.

The smart speaker, which finally became official at WWDC 2017 a few months ago, was caught on camera in China by Instagram user @themrlinc. And the photograph wasn’t taken in a factory. It looks like the HomePod here is on someone’s marble counter.

Although specific details weren’t shared, we can pick up on two things. The HomePod will come with a lengthy power cable going from the device to a wall outlet. Because you’re going to be setting it on counters, tables, and other surfaces, Apple is likely to include a longer-than-usual cable to provide easy placement. The other thing you can see is the box to the right of the HomePod. We’re seeing the inside of the packaging, which is white and simple like Apple’s packaging for its other devices.

Of course it’s entirely possible the device shown is nothing but a dummy unit produced in China. However, a real HomePod popped up in California on Thursday.

Venture capitalist Benedict Evans was in Menlo Park when his iPhone picked up on the presence of a HomePod nearby. The smart speaker’s name wasn’t displayed, but Evans was able to see “Kitchen” next to an icon clearly showing it. So it would seem that Apple is indeed distributing the HomePod in different parts of the world for testing.

When it’s released, the Siri-enabled smart speaker will be sold in White and Space Gray for $349. Apple is expected to share more information surrounding the HomePod during its event on September 12.

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