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Learning Klingon is about to become a whole lot easier

by Sean P. Aune | September 7, 2017September 7, 2017 9:30 am EST

qaStaHvIS tagha’, tlhIngan moj jatlh maH (At long last, we shall speak Klingon)

Popular language learning service Duolingo officially launched support for Korean on Thursday. As of writing this post we don’t see it in our app yet, but it should open soon and it will follow the company’s usual style of gamifying learning a language.

If you aren’t familiar with Duolingo, the app uses games to keep you coming back and learning more aspects of a language. It’s fun and engaging, and takes some of the stress out of attempting to learn to speak a foreign language.

While Korean is a nice addition, the company’s next language is going a bit further afield. Off of this planet, to be exact. Duolingo has announced that it will open up courses for Klingon on starting on Sept. 15.

That’s right, the made up language of the Klingon race from the various Star Trek franchises will soon be added to the app, just in time for the debut of Star Trek Discovery on CBS All Access.

Sure you could spend your time learning something useful like Spanish or Japanese, but when Klingon is an option, why would you?

Dun yay SoH! (Victory to you!)

Sean P. Aune

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