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iPhone 8 launch will be marred by supply issues, no Touch ID expected

by Brandon Russell | September 7, 2017September 7, 2017 11:30 am EST

When Apple launches the iPhone 8 this fall, supply will reportedly be severely constrained. According to The Wall Street Journal, manufacturing issues have plagued the device’s production, with Apple apparently facing “about a month” of delays.

One of the problems is allegedly due to Apple’s strict approach to manufacturing. The report claims while the device is utilizing OLED panels from Samsung, Apple has chosen to build the iPhone 8 differently, with the touch panel outside of the display module, rather than the two being integrated.

“The iPhone manufacturing process requires more steps and more layers of adhesive and protective film than are involved in Samsung’s manufacturing process, the person familiar with the process said, creating a greater risk of manufacturing error,” the WSJ reported.

What’s more, WSJ also claims the increased manufacturing errors have led to Apple axing Touch ID altogether, which was expected to be embedded beneath the iPhone 8’s screen. Apple will instead rely entirely on advanced facial recognition technology for securing the device and authenticating payments.

With all of the setbacks, the WSJ said there will be “extended supply shortfalls and shipping delays” when the iPhone 8 launches. Which isn’t that surprising, because reports about potential supply constraints have been swirling for months.

Considering how big of an update the iPhone 8 will be, it sounds like finding one soon after it launches will be quite the task. Apple has set an event for September 12 at its new campus, where it’s expected to introduce a slew of new iPhones and a brand new Apple Watch.

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