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This guy is giving the iPhone 7 a proper headphone jack

by Justin Herrick | September 7, 2017September 7, 2017 8:00 am EST

A China-based software engineer managed to give the iPhone 7 one of the most important features that’s missing. It might be possible for you, too, to give your phone the headphone jack it always deserved.

Plenty have tried, but few have succeeded in creating a working headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Most of the videos you’ve seen online show people drilling holes into their phones and nothing else. Scotty Allen, however, appears to have a proven solution that gives the iPhone 7 what so many people have wanted.

The modification isn’t just for show. During a video call with Motherboard, Allen connected regular headphones to the iPhone 7 and adjusted the volume without workarounds. The phone and the headphones worked together flawlessly even while a lightning cable was connected for charging. Really, this guy isn’t an amateur tricking people for views on YouTube.

Does the name sound familiar? He’s the same guy who created a usable iPhone 6S from recycled parts earlier this year.

Don’t try this at home

Apparently, there’s a ton of space within the iPhone 7’s body. An empty vent is above the left speaker, allowing for simple removal. Allen did that before moving the battery and Taptic Engine up slightly to give the new headphone jack room. Then, because Apple lets the lightning port act as a quasi-headphone jack, he retooled the dongle’s construction to exist within the phone.

It took four months, three phones, and over $1,000 in parts for him to get here.

Let’s be clear, folks. Leave this type of modification to the professionals. Allen hopes skilled engineers will run with his idea and make a solution widely available.

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