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New iPhone 8 color spotted in leak

by Justin Herrick | September 6, 2017September 6, 2017 10:00 am EST

It’s practically a given that you’ll be able to get the iPhone 8 in black, silver, and gold. Apple typically avoids rolling the dice on new colors for any of its hardware, but a new leak suggests Apple’s next phone will be offered in Blush Gold.

Benjamin Gaskin, who’s been making a name for himself by leaking iPhone 8-related information in recent months, shared an alleged image of the device’s SIM card tray. It shows the little piece of metal used for holding the SIM card in more of a copper tone than a pink tone. Gaskin says this is for the Blush Gold model, which the company hasn’t used for any of its products so far.

It seems that Apple plans on replacing Rose Gold with the new color while reducing the number of choices from six for the iPhone 7 to three for the iPhone 8. Apple is rumored to be offering the iPhone 8 in black, silver, and gold. Because of the radical redesign, the colors offered being reduced might be necessary to meet production needs.

The iPhone 8 will be announced on September 12, and TechnoBuffalo will be providing full coverage throughout the day.

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