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Samsung Galaxy S9 release may be rushed to compete with the iPhone 8

by Danny Zepeda | September 2, 2017September 2, 2017 1:00 pm EST

Samsung isn’t afraid to shift the release of a device to compete with Apple’s iPhone. It’s sped up the release of the Note line in the past, including this year, to beat Apple’s newest flagship to the market.

It seems that Samsung isn’t content with one device curtailing Apple’s iPhone 8, as it’s being reported the company may move up the release of the Galaxy S9 to take some of the limelight away from Apple’s highly anticipated flagship.

Apple is expected to move toward a new edge-to-edge display that is generating a lot of hype, which will likely lead to increased iPhone sales. Samsung doesn’t want to let up one bit.

Shipments for the Galaxy S9’s AMOLED display will reportedly begin in November. The Investor states it takes up to two months to put together a device, and the first component to be ordered is the display. Samsung didn’t order the Galaxy S8’s display until January 2017, two months before it unveiled the device in late March. By this timeframe, January would be the target date to announce the Galaxy S9.

It’s still too early to truly confirm the reports, but it does make sense for Samsung to push for an earlier release date. Samsung isn’t expected to radically change the design or introduce many new revolutionary features other than adding a dual camera and improving biometric sensors. That may decrease the development time of the phone, leading to a quicker-than-normal product cycle.

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