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Dragon Marked For Death is the next game from Azure Striker Gunvolt developers

by Ron Duwell | September 1, 2017September 1, 2017 9:00 am EST

Inti Creates is back with yet another side-scrolling action game for the Nintendo Switch. With no new Azure Striker Gunvolt in sight, the next game the company is putting out will be called Dragon Marked For Death. Nintendo revealed the title during its Nintendo’s Nindies 2017 Showcase, and it’s already accrued a large following.

Dragon Marked For Death is a co-op action RPG in which players can create a character with multiple job classes, not all that different from a typical Dungeons & Dragons RPG. Warriors fight on the front lines, witches blast with magic from the back, shinobis play tricks and deal swift damage from the shadows. You know, typical RPG stuff.

What sets this apart is that it is done to the tune of Inti Create’s distinctive graphical style.

Fans will certainly love it, but from the little Nintendo showed off, I get the feeling this is not the kind of game you’ll want to play solo. The level design isn’t as complex as Azure Striker Gunvolt, nor is the combat as intense. This is a game where the RPG mechanics and teamwork take a clear priority over the core design, meaning it might be boring and repetitive to play on your own.

If you need to make friends to play this game, you have plenty of time to do so. Dragon Marked For Death will come to the Nintendo Switch in 2018.


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