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Sonic Mania being review-bombed on Steam over DRM inclusion

by Ron Duwell | August 31, 2017August 31, 2017 6:00 am EST

I just hate to see bad things happen to great video games, but the Steam community has spoken. They are NOT happy that Sonic Mania comes included with forced DRM.

As has become standard practice in modern times, these upset gamers have taken to Steam to overload the game with negative votes. Complaints extend from the general inclusion of the Denuvo DRM, which requires an online connection to play the game, all the way to SEGA not mentioning that any DRM would be included upon release.

I mean, it makes sense. Genesis games didn’t have DRM. That doesn’t make for a good retro throwback, SEGA.

Was really looking forward to this game. Now I feel violated because SEGA did not say it was going to have Denuvo. This is the first and last time I preorder a Sega game. I’m done. Now we know why it was delayed for two weeks.

SEGA addressed the issue on Steam, saying that the lack of DRM warning was an error that they are now fixing. The developers also chimed in, saying that they weren’t pleased with SEGA’s method of addressing the issue.

Hopefully, this rift doesn’t go too deep All parties involved need to work together on new games and make sure that these retro revivals remain as healthy and viable as the fabulous Sonic Mania.

Like we said, we hate to see bad things happen to good games, and when it comes to Sonic Mania, we’re talking one of the best games of the year.


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