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Sea of Thieves on PC offering a 540p, 15fps locked mode

by Joey Davidson | August 31, 2017August 31, 2017 3:00 pm EST

Oh, sure, Sea of Thieves from Rare will hit 4K and 60fps if your rig will accommodate it in doing so. But, if you’re running the game on a souped-up potato, you’ll be able to tweak your settings to achieve something close to optimal play.

If that’s what you’re in to.

Rare Executive Producer Joel Neat told PC Gamer that they have been inviting people to go lower than their minimum recommended system specs to test performance. Much like Overwatch looking nice on all platforms, Sea of Thieve‘s art style lends it the ability to look great even on less-than-stellar hardware.

PC Design Lead Ted Timmins hopped in and added this bit about 540p at 15fps.

“We’ve actually added a 540p mode, so you can go below HD. We’ve also added a 15 fps framerate lock because when we were talking to the community some people were like: I’m actually happy playing 15 frames per second. We were like: that’s actually really cool, we should support that. And to them go to them and say, oh, we’ve added that mode for you—it’s below our Rare certified min spec, but if you’re enjoying the game, why should we as developers knock you for that?”

Fear not, owners of not-so-great PCs, it sounds like Sea of Thieves is being designed with you in mind, too. That lower-spec’d inclusion is a great choice by Rare and Microsoft.

Sea of Thieves is due for both the PC and Xbox One in 2018.

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