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Apple’s iPhone 9 to feature larger display than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8

by Brandon Russell | August 31, 2017August 31, 2017 11:30 am EST

Apple has yet to announce its iPhone 8, but reports have already turned to what’s coming next year. According to ETNews, supply sources claim the Cupertino company is working with Samsung Display on the development of its next flagship, with screens up to 6.46 inches in consideration.

Let that percolate for a moment. 6.46 inches! That’s larger than Samsung’s recently-announced Galaxy Note 8, which features a massive 6.3-inch display.

The good news is the so-called iPhone 9 will feature an OLED panel, which means the larger display would be virtually bezel-less—something we’re expecting from the iPhone 8. So, even though the screen could potentially be huge, the device’s actual footprint will still be manageable.

Previous reports have said Apple was planning to go all-in on OLED panels next year, which means every new iPhone announced in 2018 will feature an edge-to-edge display. It appears the flexibility of using OLED panels is allowing Apple to experiment with different form factors.

Apple has confirmed it will hold an iPhone event on September 12, where it’s expected to introduce an iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, Apple Watch Series 3, and 4K Apple TV. Reports suggest the iPhone 8 will feature a 5.8-inch display, wireless charging, and facial recognition technology.


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