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Funko unleashes Star Wars The Last Jedi products and there are a ton

by Sean P. Aune | August 31, 2017August 31, 2017 8:35 am EST

The Force is strong with Funko, and its Star Wars The Last Jedi products are going to make you squeal with delight.

Starting on Force Friday II, Sept. 1, Funko has an avalanche of products on the way. There will be a ton of Pop! figures.

Chase wise there will be a 1-in-6 Porg.

Exclusive wise there will be:

  • Two different versions of the Praetorian Guard at Walgreens
  • Hot Topic will have two Porgs
  • Walmart will be selling a Resistance BB Unit and a Princess Leia
  • GameStop will have Benicio del Toro’s character, DJ
  • Toys R’ Us will have Kylo Ren with his helmet
  • Fye will have a flocked version of Chewbacca holding a Porg
  • Target will be selling a Porg with its wings out
  • BoxLunch will have BB-9E
  • Best Buy will carry a BB-8 & BB-9E two-pack
  • Costco will sell multi-packs
    • Kylo Ren, Supreme Leader Snoke and BB-9E
    • Rey, Chewbacca and BB-8
    • Kylo Ren, First Order Executioner and BB-9E
    • Rey, Luke, Chewbacca and BB-8

There will be a ton of Mystery Minis to pick up. Beyond the normal assortment you will find:

  • Walmart will have Resistance BB Unit, Kylo Ren Unmasked, and Praetorian Guard Mystery Minis
  • GameStop will have Rey, First Order Executioner, and Porg with open wings
  • Walgreens will have Praetorian Guard, C’ai Threnalli, and holographic Snoke

Walgreens will have exclusive plushies of Supreme Leader Snoke, and Praetorian Guard as well as the 12-inch Chewbacca.

No exclusives for the Wobblers!

And, finally, a few miscellaneous items for you to seek out.

Now… where did I put my wallet?

Sean P. Aune

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