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Beat Sports released from Apple TV prison, coming to Nintendo Switch

by Joey Davidson | August 31, 2017August 31, 2017 2:00 pm EST

Harmonix, makers of Rock Band and Dance Central, put out a rhythm-based sports-themed minigame collection in 2015. They released it on Apple TV. That’s it. Nothing else.

You know a lot of people who game on their Apple TV? Yeah, me either. Apple doesn’t show how many times an app has been downloaded on their store page, but Beat Sports only has 360 reviews over the last two years. Minecraft has 536,651 reviews on iOS, Tiny Wings has 219,390 reviews, Super Mario Run has 90,363 reviews and Threes! has 18,545 reviews. I bring all those up to demonstrate the relatively small consumer base playing games on Apple TV.

People don’t play games on Apple TV like they do on more dedicated and focused platforms. That means really strong games like Beat Sports go under-purchased and underappreciated. Harmonix has elected to release their title on a more gaming-centric platform. Super Beat Sports is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The title doesn’t have a precise release date yet, but it’s due for the Switch this fall. It was a really well-received game on Apple TV, so its critical acclaim should carry over to Nintendo’s portable/home hybrid console. We’ll see once it releases.

Hopefully it does well, because Harmonix needs a hit.

Joey Davidson

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