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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle shares the love… for itself in its launch trailer

by Ron Duwell | August 30, 2017August 30, 2017 5:00 pm EST

You can just FEEL the “told you so” gloating that emanates from this Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle launch trailer. When Ubisoft first showed the game off, Nintendo fans reacted in disgust, called it an insult, and promises never to give it a second glance.

Two conventions later, it’s now the game that everybody wants to play! The press loves it, the fans love it, and Ubisoft loves how it can overload its launch trailer with glowing quotes about how much people love it… and then point and laugh at everyone who doubted them.

For the record, I never did, Ubisoft. I knew you had a hit on your hands from the beginning.

I’m playing Super Mario RPG at the moment, so I am pumped for another chance for Mario to bust down the genre barriers and get his hands dirty with numbers and strategy. Timed hits, anyone?

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is available today for the Nintendo Switch.

Ron Duwell

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