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Super Mario Odyssey designed with elements for short gameplay sessions

by Joey Davidson | August 29, 2017August 29, 2017 7:00 am EST

I know that I’ll play Super Mario Odyssey a lot like a traditional Mario game. I’ll have the Nintendo Switch docked alongside my television, and I’ll play it the same way I played Super Mario 3D World and the Super Mario Galaxy games.

I also know that I’ll play Super Mario Odyssey like I played Super Mario 3D Land. That is, I’ll enjoy the game on the go, in quick bursts. However, I’ve wondered how the game’s been designed to accommodate the Nintendo Switch’s portable nature. Will I be pausing in the middle of the action constantly on my daily commute, or will I actually get enough accomplished during play to feel satisfied?

The Verge also had this question about the game in their large interview with Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi. Here are their question and the answer.

The last home console game in the series, Super Mario 3D World, was based on the design of a handheld game, Super Mario 3D Land, so it seems like that’s the kind of game that would work well both at home and on the go. But Super Mario Odyssey is a lot more ambitious and expansive than those games, so were there any challenges in making it work both as a console and portable title?

Because of the nature of the Nintendo Switch as a home console that you can also take with you, from the very outset we were very carefully considering making a game that would work in both of those ways. Although it is sort of different to a 3D Land or a 3D World, Super Mario Odyssey really does contain a lot of elements which can be enjoyed in very short game play sessions, which is more of a handheld-oriented feature. But you can easily do meaningful things in Super Mario Odyssey with only two or three minutes to play it.

This is a great interview, by the way, so check it out in the source below.

Super Mario Odyssey will offer small bits to accomplish in short stints, and I think that’s great news.

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