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Nintendo Switch getting some amazing indies between now and early 2018

by Joey Davidson | August 29, 2017August 29, 2017 12:00 pm EST

Nintendo UK released a brand new trailer that showcases a whole pile of “Nindies” (those are indie games on a Nintendo platform) due for the Nintendo Switch. The qualifications for inclusion? The games are coming between now and early 2018.

Here’s the video.

I’m already looking forward to a lot of these, though there are a few that look like total duds.

I’ll be getting both Owlboy and Wargroove as soon as they release. Owlboy is a port that already dropped late last year after ages and ages in development. I loved it when I played it, and I’ll absolutely play it again on my Switch.

Wargroove takes obvious inspiration from Advance Wars, one of my favorite, neglected franchises in the tactical strategy genre. I say neglected because Nintendo hasn’t released a game in this series since Dual Strike on the DS (not counting the Virtual Console, of course), instead opting to push out more Fire Emblem and Codename: S.T.E.A.M., which was fine.

The future looks bright for the Nintendo Switch, doesn’t it?

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