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Sonic Mania’s great, but it’s definitely glitchy

by Joey Davidson | August 27, 2017August 27, 2017 2:00 pm EST

Spoiler warning: If you care about surprises and haven’t finished Sonic Mania yet, you won’t want to watch the video below. It dips its toes into spoiler territory, so consider yourself warned.

Sonic Mania is an awesome game, but it’s arrived with its fair share of glitches. A lot of them have been put on display in a video from A+Start. It’s part of their long “Son of a Glitch” series, and it covers a lot of stuff.

It seems most of the glitches in Sonic Mania have to do with collision problems. Whether it’s an issue of acceleration in the Special Stages or clipping through the world or getting stuck in spots in standard levels, the game seems to get finicky when players move in even remotely weird ways.

I can personally attest to getting stuck once in the game. The moment it happened came in the Chemical Zone, though I don’t think it appeared in the video here.

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