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This HD dash cam offers the best and most affordable insurance policy around

by Danny Zepeda | August 25, 2017August 25, 2017 4:00 pm EST

Dash cams have become quite popular with commuters and road-trip enthusiasts alike. They offer an easy and affordable way to gather crucial information in the event of an accident, and also allow you to conveniently record the sights and scenes of your journey. This High Definition Dash Cam is one the latest and greatest HD dash cams on the market, and it’s yours for just $24.

With a 4x digital zoom, motion detection, and infrared night vision, this camera will be your expert witness in a fender bender, or just help you record a particularly memorable drive. Recording in 1080p HD video, this camera is bound to make every road trip just a bit safer. It even features a built-in microphone, and can utilize a memory card with up to 32GB of storage. 

Drive with HD peace of mind with a High Definition Dash Cam for 59% off at just $24


Danny Zepeda

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