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Overwatch: Mercy getting drastic changes, losing resurrect ultimate!

by Joey Davidson | August 25, 2017August 25, 2017 6:00 am EST

Blizzard is making massive changes to the way Mercy works, and I guarantee fans are going to be all over the place with how this one is received.

Everything is discussed in a new developer update from Game Director Jeff Kaplan. Kaplan also talks about D.Va’s changes, but we hit that news earlier this week.

The big stuff is Mercy. Here’s the video, and I’ll summarize things below.

Basically, Resurrect is no longer Mercy’s ultimate. She can resurrect people, but now that’s a normal move with a regular cooldown. She can only rez one hero at a time, so there’s no more waiting for everyone to “die on the point.”

Mercy’s new ultimate is nuts. It’s called Valkyrie. During the ultimate, she’ll be able to fly, shoot faster, shoot with more damage, heal multiple people at once and damage boost multiple people at once. It’s like Mercy on overdrive, and it sounds nuts.

Mercy’s needed some tweaking for a long time. Her gun is great, but she’s so squishy and vulnerable that any team with a capable set of diving characters can end her reign quickly. Hopefully, these changes keep Mercy players involved and give them the ability to escape and survive encounters.

These changes will hit the PTR first, then they’ll roll into the main game once they’ve been appropriately tested and tweaked.

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