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Apple TV with massive upgrades coming soon

by Brandon Russell | August 25, 2017August 25, 2017 8:30 am EST

Apple’s foothold in the living room has declined in the face of competition from Roku, Amazon, and Google. But its fortunes could turn around when it introduces a revamped version of its Apple TV set-top box this holiday season.

Bloomberg reports the Cupertino company will introduce an upgraded Apple TV with faster internals that supports 4K and HDR content. The report also claims the set-top box will highlight live television, such as news and sports, and introduce a new version of its TV app, which the company launched last year.

Apple has reportedly taken a “wait and see” approach to 4K as adoption for the higher resolution grows. Finding content to watch used to be difficult, but with the advent of streaming media, the format is becoming more popular. TVs capable of displaying 4K content have also gone down in price.

In addition to the introduction of a 4K-capable Apple TV, the company will reportedly outfit its iTunes store with 4K content. Bloomberg reports Apple executives are in discussion with movie studios about supplying 4K versions of movies via iTunes.

“The company has also discussed its 4K video ambitions with content companies that already have apps on Apple TV, another person said,” Bloomberg wrote in its report.

The new Apple TV will allegedly be announced at an event in September that will also see the company introduce new iPhones and an Apple Watch that can connect to cellular networks.


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