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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle season pass finally kicks Mario into the modern world

by Ron Duwell | August 24, 2017August 24, 2017 7:00 am EST

As much as it pains me to write this, even Mario himself has succumbed to the profitable gaming trend of season passes. I suppose we all have to adapt and survive at some point to the world around us.

My innocence is lost and my soul is crushed, and it wasn’t even Nintendo who dealt this inevitable blow. It was Ubisoft. Modern day video games… you win.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is one of the first games starring Mario that will supply a season pass, and it will set you back $19.99. For that price, you’ll have access to three separate DLC packs that are scheduled to release over the course of 2017.

Today, Ubisoft announced the post-launch plans for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, which will include new weapons, solo challenges, co-op maps and brand new story content.

Season Pass owners will be able to enjoy three pieces of DLC:

• 8 unique steampunk weapons will be available at the launch of the game, each one with its own statistics. These items will be exclusive for season pass owners.

• This autumn, players will be able to test their skills with new solo challenges, or with a friend, through additional co-op maps.

• In 2018, players will be able to play through brand new story content.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will be released for the Nintendo Switch next week on Aug. 29.

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