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Shenmue III’s first teaser trailer looks a little… funny…

by Ron Duwell | August 23, 2017August 23, 2017 11:00 am EST

Yu Suzuki and his team at Ys Net have released the first teaser showing off their work on the upcoming Shenmue III. The trailer takes you on a trip through the luscious Chinese mountains and ideal villages, all set to a fine blend of martial arts music meets John Williams’ schmaltzy musical score.

And then Ryo turns up on screen, and whoa. Between him and the rest of the cast, we can’t really give Shenmue III a pass on the blank, soulless eyes if we were unable to give Mass Effect: Andromeda the same break.

Check out what I mean in the trailer below. The Dreamcast models looked more lifelike than that.

There are still plenty of months left for development, so maybe those eyes will get fixed along the way during crunch time.

Shenmue III is being developed for the PlayStation 4 and PC. In 2014, it secured over $6 million in development from Kickstarter backers, but delays have pushed it outside of the original promised release date.

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