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Final Fantasy XV could be the largest game ever released on PC

by Ron Duwell | August 23, 2017August 23, 2017 10:00 am EST

Square Enix has finally announced that Final Fantasy XV is coming to the PC. It’s not like nobody saw this coming last year, but now that it’s official, we can breathe easy as the game makes the leap to our expensive gaming rigs.

We might need to clean the refrigerators before we sit down to enjoy it, though. The file size for Final Fantasy XV is reportedly 170GB! That’s the weight in gold you pay for enjoying the game at 4K or even 8K screen resolution.

Square Enix… never one for subtlety.

170GB… that’s pushing the boundaries of sanity, and a number like that puts Final Fantasy XV in the running for the largest PC game ever distributed. I can only imagine how many days it will take to download and install it. Square Enix loves its production values and always wants Final Fantasy XV to be the biggest, most impressive series on the market. The bar that this file size sets will let everyone know that Final Fantasy XV isn’t here to screw around.

This is going to be a huge, bombastic release, and it will definitely look bombastic once you get your hands on it.

Final Fantasy XV launches for the PC in early 2018.


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