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iPhone 8 video leak leaves everyone puzzled over one feature

by Sean P. Aune | August 22, 2017August 22, 2017 8:30 am EST

Once again the mystery of a rear Touch ID has surfaced for this year’s iPhones leaving us scratching our heads.

A new video has surfaced showing what is believed to be testing on Touch ID sensors on an iPhone production line. The setup is a bit too complex to be something cobbled together as a hoax, but yet it is still leading to confusion and suspicion.

In the video you see a model of iPhone – either the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S Plus possibly- having its Touch ID sensor tested. While not a huge moment, the phone is shown lying face down with the factory worker touching the rear of the device. You can see on the computer screen above as tests roll by and finally a green “PASS” appears. Considering when the worker touched the device, it would certainly make one believe that is the placement of the Touch ID sensor.

Alternatively, we don;t know when this video was shot. It is entirely possible this was filmed during the testing phase and this was one potential model that was tested.

It’s tough to say what we’re seeing here. The device certainly looks like an iPhone, but could it potentially be a knock-off device? Some have pointed to the “Black Mesa” sign as proof as “Mesa” is the Apple code name for Touch ID, but as it’s just a print out anyone could have placed that there.

2017 is turning into a curious year for iPhone leaks. While there have been tons of them there are so many contradictory ones that there is still a lot of confusion as to what we will see when Apple does take to the stage to introduce this year’s models. To be honest, after years of knowing exactly what to expect, this is a bit exciting to be going on with absolute confirmation. Perhaps, for the first time in a long time, we will be surprised when Tim Cook holds the phone aloft for the gathered press to shoot pictures.

Sean P. Aune

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