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Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Version revealed, and Square Enix hints at a Switch port

by Ron Duwell | August 22, 2017August 22, 2017 3:00 pm EST

Final Fantasy XV hasn’t had enough of its self-indulgent insanity yet, and it’s just as weird as ever. Just because it can, Square Enix went ahead and announced a Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition during a streaming event overnight.

The goal here is a casual remake of Final Fantasy XV that will be released for iOS, Android, and PCs in Autumn 2017. The game will recreate the most important scenes from the video game in a ridiculous chibi form, and it will be split up over 10 chapters.

Some of those chapters at the end of Final Fantasy XV felt like they could have been squished down, didn’t they?

And what’s that about a Switch version?

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata also closed the Twitch event by hinting at another release, stating that there is “another certain console out there people maybe thinking of, sounds a little bit like you guys, your name, Twitch. We’ll just leave it there.”

Twitch? That clearly rhymes with… I have no idea where he is going with that one. Drawing a blank. Tabata didn’t specify whether this rhyming console would be getting the actual Final Fantasy XV or this creepy, chibi version.

We’ll just have to find out whenever we learn more about this mystery “Twitch rhyming” console he’s taking about.

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