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Samsung’s teases Galaxy Note 8 camera and S Pen in new videos

Samsung has published two new teaser videos for the Galaxy Note 8 ahead of its big debut on Wednesday, August 23. The brief clips highlight new features coming to the handset’s camera and S Pen stylus, including portrait mode and optical zoom.

Although they’re only short clips, they tell us a lot about the Note 8, and confirm some of its most exciting features. The most interesting video is the one that focuses (no pun intended) on the Note 8’s rear-facing cameras. That’s right; we expect it to be packing two — just like iPhone 7 Plus — to deliver a number of neat effects.

One of those is portrait mode, which highlights the subject of your image by subtly blurring objects in the background. It’s the kind of effect you would expect from a pricey DSLR camera, but it’s becoming common on smartphones, thanks to dual lenses. The other big new feature is optical zoom, which lets you get closer to your subject without degrading image quality.

iPhone 7 Plus offers 2x optical zoom, but a recent rumor claimed the Note 8 would offer up to 3x optical zoom. It certainly seems impressive in the teaser above, but we’ll have to wait for Samsung to confirm the camera’s specifications before we can be sure what it will be capable of.

In the video below, Samsung focuses on the Note 8’s improved S Pen. It doesn’t tell us much, but it seems to hint at greater pressure sensitivity that will allow users to seamlessly switch between thick and fine lines when sketching.

We’ll be covering Samsung’s big Note 8 event as it unfolds on Wednesday, so stay tuned to TechnoBuffalo to find out all there is to know about the South Korean company’s next best thing.

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