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Galaxy S9 said to have a new trick up its sleeve

by Josh Levenson | August 21, 2017August 21, 2017 8:30 am EST

If a new report originating from South Korea is anything to go by, the upcoming Galaxy S9 will feature a modular design à la Essential Phone, which will let you attach a host of different accessories to the handset, including a 360-degree camera.

We’re a little skeptical, though. In the build up to any flagship release, a bunch of wacky rumors often surface—and they rarely ever come to fruition, so be sure to take this information with a considerable pinch of salt.

Korean publication The Bell revealed back in July that Samsung had already ordered its suppliers to start manufacturing a 5.8-inch panel for the Galaxy S9, confirming that the device will sport the same Infinity Display as its predecessor.

Galaxy S9 Connected?

As Samsung is still yet to toy around with a modular build, it would be a lot safer for it to release a variant of the Galaxy S9 (maybe the Galaxy S9 Connected as a possible name) that’s equipped with magnetic pins, rather than bundling them—untested—on a flagship.

But that’s just our two cents.


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