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Surface app now displays Microsoft accessory battery levels

Microsoft has updated its Surface app to display battery levels for official accessories. The update makes it easier to users to keep an eye on the status of their Bluetooth devices, and check serial numbers if required. However, only Microsoft’s own devices are supported.

The Surface app has always been a useful utility for managing and customizing Microsoft accessories, and it’s a surprise it hasn’t always displayed battery levels. But we need complain no more, because the feature has finally arrived in the app’s latest update. To use the feature, simply click the new battery icon in the sidebar of the Surface app.

You’ll see the current battery level of each connected device, when its status was last updated, as well as its serial number if applicable. Supported devices include the Surface Pen and Surface Dial, as well as the Surface Mouse and Ergonomic Keyboard. For some reason, it seems only the latest Surface Pen (SP4) is supported, not its predecessors.

It might be a small improvement, but it’s an incredibly useful one nonetheless. To take advantage of it, download the latest version of the Surface app from the Windows Store now.

Killian Bell

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