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Sonic Mania’s music is outstanding and deserves a call out

by Joey Davidson | August 18, 2017August 18, 2017 7:00 am EST

Dang, Sonic! You’ve got your jam back.

Sonic Mania is a good game. You’ve heard it elsewhere, you’ll hear it from our own Ron Duwell when his full review is ready, and you might even know it yourself from actually playing the game.

It’s great. Sonic Mania revitalizes the classic feel of the best in the franchise while introducing new mechanics, stages, animations and the works throughout the campaign. Which is cool.

What’s really, really cool, though, is the music. The music in Sonic Mania is outstanding, and it’s a classic take on theme and variation.

Familiar levels like Green Hill Zone start in Act 1 with a jazzed up version of their original theme. That’s the “theme” in “theme and variation.” Then Act 2 starts, and we get a complete variation of that original theme, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Here are Green Hill Zone Acts 1 and 2 for your consideration.

See what I mean? We get that theme that we’re so used to, and then, like the game itself, we get a complete remix that manages to maintain the same hook that the original had in the first place.

This is brilliant composing, and it deserves a call out. The soundtrack for Sonic Mania was done by Tee Lopes. He did a great job.

Joey Davidson

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