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OnePlus 5’s hot new video feature showcased in official video

OnePlus’ most recent update for the OnePlus 5 adds a new video stabilization feature that makes your precious 4K home movies a whole lost smoother. To demonstrate just how much of a difference it makes, OnePlus has published an official side-by-side comparison video.

OnePlus handsets have long offered Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), but only for videos shot in 1080p. The latest update for the OnePlus 5 also allows you to use the feature when shooting in super-sharp 4K — and the difference it makes is pretty staggering. To prove it, OnePlus published the video below on its official Twitter account.

Each featured clip was recorded while the OnePlus 5 was in motion. On the left side, you’ll see what the video looks like without EIS applied. One the right, you’ll see what it looks like with EIS activated. You’ll notice the frame on the right is significantly smoother, and the video doesn’t jump around — which happens without EIS even when the phone is relatively still.

EIS is certainly a nice improvement to the OnePlus 5’s Camera app, then — especially if you record a lot of videos in 4K. You can take advantage of it by installing the latest OxygenOS 4.5.7 update, which should be available to all handsets now. In addition to EIS, the release brings a new Slate font, the Android security patch for July, and enhancements for Wi-Fi connectivity and battery life.


Killian Bell

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