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I was wrong about Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

by Joey Davidson | August 18, 2017August 18, 2017 6:00 am EST

I didn’t write about my biggest fear for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy before I played it. I thought it wasn’t going to be charming enough. I’ll explain, give me a second.

I’ve been working through the game at my own pace for a review. I’m around four hours into the campaign, and I’m taking my sweet time. I like it.

This adventure stares Chloe and Nadine, characters from previous titles in the series. You play as Chloe.

Nathan Drake is nowhere to be found. His story stopped with Uncharted 4, after all, and Naughty Dog’s said that they want to demonstrate that Uncharted is more than just Nathan Drake. Which, fine, I get it. They want to keep telling stories in the universe without hitting up the same characters over and over again.

The thing is that, to me, Uncharted without Nathan Drake is like Indiana Jones without Indiana Jones. The franchise is so linked to Drake’s wit and charm that, in my mind, an entry without Drake simply wouldn’t be the same. I wouldn’t care about it as much without his banter, his relationship to Sully and the way he plays off intense moments with non-sequiturs and asides.

I thought that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy would be a fine game. I also thought it would arrive without that same level of charm. Sure, Naughty Dog is good enough to elevate any set of characters, but I couldn’t see Chloe and Nadine as funny as, say, Nathan, Sully or Elena.

I was wrong. Totally. This pair is charming, they offer wit at a constant clip, they make fun of one another, they smile together and they learn. I know it sounds cheesy to say this, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t care about Chloe and Nadine the same way I cared about Nate, Elena and Sully.

Toss that fear aside. Naughty dog nailed the relationship between the two main characters, and I’d be just as happy going on an adventure with either of them as I would seeing Drake return.

Is Uncharted more than just Nathan Drake? Resoundingly, yes it is.

Joey Davidson

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