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iOS 11 feature will make it even harder for someone to crack into your phone

by Danny Zepeda | August 17, 2017August 17, 2017 12:30 pm EST

Apple is introducing the ability to disable Touch ID in iOS 11. The new feature can be activated by pushing the power button five times disabling Touch ID forcing anybody trying to get into the iPhone to type in the passcode.

First spotted by a Twitter user playing around with the iOS 11 beta, the feature adds an extra layer of security. When the iPhone is locked, pressing the power button five times will conjure up emergency services display. But when you dismiss the prompt and try to unlock the iPhone, Touch ID will be disabled and the only way to log back in is by using the passcode.

The Verge has confirmed the feature is as intended and not a bug of the beta software.

By disabling Touch ID, you make sure nobody can use your fingerprint to log into your phone. This feature comes at a time where there has been a lot of talk of how privacy and technology can co-exist when law enforcement agencies are looking for new ways to hack into phones to attain important information. This new feature makes it much more difficult to do just that.

Apple places the utmost importance into the privacy of its products, even though that may clash with law enforcement. It went through a big court battle with the FBI over its refusal of creating a backdoor into terrorist’s iPhones involved in the San Bernardino attack. This latest move continues to expound on Apple’s belief in privacy and security.

Before iOS 11, disabling Touch ID was never an intuitive task. There were a ton of random steps that involved turning off the iPhone and waiting a specific amount of time. It was not something that was feasible if you wanted to do it quickly, until now.

Kia The Verge

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