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Deadly Premonition director’s next game is a daily life RPG about becoming a cat

by Ron Duwell | August 17, 2017August 17, 2017 3:00 pm EST

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite, everyday activities is to become a cat. This way, I stalk small animals in my neighborhood without looking like a creeper or knock things off of tables without having to clean them up.

Sadly, this is an impossible feat for the real world, but it won’t be in the next game from Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die Director Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro. The cult-game director laid out his most recent game, titled The Good Life, and with a title like that, of course, it involves turning into an adorable cat.

SWERY described the game as “a daily life RPG,” in which you play as a New York City photographer named Naomi. While on a photo shoot in England, she stumbles upon a small village where people can turn into cats, an ability she eventually picks up and uses to her advantage in uncovering stories.

For those worried about this abrupt change in his style of game direction, that of weird horror stories, Twin Peaks references, and budget graphics, SWERY said that it’s actually not that different from his previous games.

This game will inherit the spirit of Deadly Premonition, my most representative work, but it will also feature a brand new style of gameplay. It’s a mystery game based on the framework of a ‘daily life RPG.’ I’m positive that the happiest town in the world and the most bizarre townspeople in the world will capture your heart and pull you deep into their world.

Well then… that’s a game, I suppose. We’ll have meowre on The Good Life as Swery makes it available. This marks the debut of SWERY’s recently formed game studio, White Owls


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