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Apple Watch Series 3 entering ‘final testing phase’ ahead of mass production

by Danny Zepeda | August 17, 2017August 17, 2017 2:30 pm EST

The Apple Watch Series 3 is entering the “final testing phase” ahead of its anticipated arrival this fall according to Chinese site Economic Daily News. The next step after this will be mass production, lining up with the expectation that we will see the new Apple Watch announced alongside the next iPhone.

Citing a source close to the supply chain, Taiwan manufacturer Quanta Computer will begin shipments of the Apple Watch Series 3 in time for the fourth quarter timeframe. This means that the Apple Watch Series 3 development is nearly complete. Apple is probably ironing some kinks out at this point in the testing.

This latest report comes amid a ton of other news detailing key details about the Apple Watch Series 3. Previous reports reveal that the Apple Watch Series 3 will look exactly the same with the only major change being LTE connectivity. Unfortunately, the LTE connectivity won’t be able to make phone calls just yet, as Apple tries to come up with a more intuitive method on the smaller display.

With the latest news of the Apple Watch Series 3 coming in waves, it usually means that its arrival is just around the corner, and the anticipated Apple September event may only be a few weeks away now. The dots seem to connect.

Danny Zepeda

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