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ReCore is making a new announcement this week after months of silence

by Ron Duwell | August 16, 2017August 16, 2017 11:00 am EST

Hey, everyone! ReCore is still alive and is aiming for a comeback! After months of silence on its promised updates, the official Twitter account confirmed that it would have some news regarding the third-person shooter this coming Sunday, Aug. 20.

The core game in ReCore clearly has areas that have been left unfinished and inaccessible thanks to the obtainable tools, robots, and vehicles not capable of crossing the terrain. These were, no doubt, left unfinished with the prospect of DLC in mind, but ReCore sadly never became the hit that Microsoft was hoping it would be.

Thankfully, the game was not entirely forgotten, and fans of ReCore, which I believe will have the lasting power to be a rare cult-hit of this bland console generation, might finally be able to wrap up their adventure in the coming months.

Tune in on Sunday, which most of us video game writers are on weekend vacation, and find out what this exciting news is.


Ron Duwell

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