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OLED Apple TV shown off in newly leaked images

by Danny Zepeda | August 16, 2017August 16, 2017 11:30 am EST

Blurry images leaked online on Wednesday that seem to show off a widescreen Apple television display.

The images were first leaked by the Chinese site Weibo and later picked up by noted leaker Benjamin Geskin. Shown off in the images is what appears to be an Apple-made television in a testing environment. The images are reportedly being called “Apple OLED TV spy photos” with Weibo stating the it features a 60-inch display. Aside from the Apple’s signature silver aluminum and its logo on the back, the TV looks like any other widescreen TV out there.

Not much detail can be discerned from the blurry images. The only major details we can see is the TV being connected to a bunch of orange cables inside an insulated room. Weibo notes that there are two small black spots at the bottom center of the display that are cameras. As for what is the purpose of these cameras, we have no idea.

The validity of these images cannot be confirmed at this moment. Apple has been rumored for the past seven years to be working on a standalone TV, with Steve Jobs famously stating he figured out the TV right before his death. That was until The Wall Street Journal reported two years ago Apple has shelved the project because it couldn’t find a breakthrough feature. This images are sure to give new life to the “Apple is making a TV” headlines.

Apple does a lot of testing for products and prototypes inside its labs. This may end up just being another secret prototype Apple is working on that just became public.

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