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Why you should avoid the latest Windows 10 Mobile update

Microsoft rolled out a new Windows 10 Mobile update a week ago, but you should avoid installing it if you rely on GPS tracking inside certain apps. The release appears to have introduced a bug that breaks GPS functionality in popular titles like Runtastic.

Windows 10 Mobile build 15063.540 rolled out last Monday, and looked pretty innocuous on the surface. It was one of Microsoft’s usual weekly updates, and it made no major changes. The release notes didn’t mention anything related to location features. However, Microsoft changed something under the hood that breaks GPS connectivity.

Many Windows 10 Mobile users are finding that they are unable to use a number of popular apps that rely on GPS since installing the update. Affected titles include Runtastic, Run the Map, and GPS Calculator Pro, among others — which simply crash when you attempt to open them. Disabling GPS connectivity is the only way to launch them successfully.

It seems the underlying issue is more serious than a simple bug, however. Some users have noted that the affected apps were originally designed for Windows Phone 8.1, and haven’t received an update since Windows 10 Mobile made its public debut. What’s more, some of them never will; Runtastic has already confirmed it is no longer supporting Microsoft’s platform.

This could mean that this problem will never be addressed for certain apps, unless Microsoft can do something to make Windows 10 Mobile compatible with older titles affected by this issue. It’s unlikely that will be the company’s focus, however. It might be time to find new GPS apps if you relied on one of these titles, or to avoid new Windows 10 Mobile updates for now.


Killian Bell

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